Marriage happens At Baker's Jewelry


There are thousands of ring mountings to choose

So, how does one narrow down the hunt?

Ask yourself : is my partner fascinated with all things that sparkle?

Or are they sporty, practical, and always on the go?

This answer alone will help narrow down your choice.

Our jewelry professionals will help you select the perfect engagement ring that best suits your partner, their lifestyle, and your budget.

Whether you walk in and find the perfect engagement ring in our case – or we help you build it from the ground up – an engagement ring from baker’s jewelry will stand the test of time

You can think outside of the box to find the style that personalizes your engagement ring 

Our team of jewelry professionals will take time and care to listen to your ideas in creating or choosing the best engagement ring for your partner.  Stop in to either of our locations to meet with us and we will remain dedicated to your engagement ring endeavors until you are 100% satisfied with your choice.

If you are looking to set a gemstone that you already own into a new engagement ring mounting, we are very happy to help you find the best option to accommodate your stone.