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Our History

BAKER’S JEWELRY originated in 1919 founded by Theodore Baker, Sr. located in what is now called the Ghent area of Norfolk, VA. Wines, cheeses, tobacco, and other goods were the retail focus, but, when the tobacco industry began to boom, the store’s name changed to Twin City Tobacco Co. Twin City thrived for years and as the market began to change again, so did the store. Theodore Baker, Sr. spent his lifetime cultivating business relationships in the Hampton Roads area.

His sons Teddy, George, and Byron worked for him during their youth and when their father died in 1964, the sons took charge and continued their father’s legacy. They incorporated their new retail ideas and soon fine jewelry and a catalog showroom of household goods were added. A second store was opened in Virginia Beach the business was really booming.

Twin City was top of the industry in retail sales and was the go to place to shop as locals enjoyed the sense of family just as they had in its earlier days.


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